Saturday, March 27, 2004


I'm halfway through my contract and I can't wait to leave this giant messed up prison of a country! Yes I am privy to emotional outbursts and perhaps it's not that bad but you'll be hard pressed to find any westerner who has lived or is living here to have a positive thing to say, which is most definately sad....

May beloved God grant me patience: Indeed, one of the most stressful times of the day is having to drive the 26km Highway of death, to Khamis Mushayt. These are without doubt the most dangerous roads I have had the misfortune to roll upon, with hundreds of insane Saudi bedu, with no sense of space, or consideration, or sense of safety, who break every rule in the book because that conveniences them, apparently the more dangerously you drive the bigger man you are--their twisted I should I say, culturally indoctrinated, concept of shujja'a : courage

Alas, the pure anger that generates and that I try to put down, profoundly disturbs me, it takes hours to calm down, and it's all so relatively meaningless. It's totally accepted as normal behavior, people driving at you, down the wrong way of the street, physically ramming you if you don't get out their intended direction even though your foot is hard to floor while you overtake someone else, for example, and the police do absolutely nothing. Indeed the buck most definately stops with them. Then again there's no real way to deliver fines, as no-body has streetnumbers or postal addresses, they've got a headache enforcing the law. I can't see another way, though, they have one of the highest death rates in the world and guess what ...there's NO ALCOHOL involved.

Every other day I'm reading about a car that has plowed into a group of children or bystanders in some city by some out-of control Saudi, killing several, if not more, and it seems to be just accepted, passed over, a note on page 3, then forgotten except, of course, by the grieving families.....

Oh I'm not going to go on about the stupidity of the people here, it already sounds like a tired cliche, I'm ashamed to point it out but put it this way, the combination of marrying their cousins way too much, the mindnumbing monoculturalism, the blind following ( taqlid), and seriously unhealthy & unimaginative daily diet of rice & chicken or mutton keeps a stunted intellect in prison without many windows for growth

What a blessing it has been growing up in the amazing mulitcutural place that Australia actually is.....funny how you take it all for granted when you're living there.....

May God(Sublime, Be He!) help us all, I'll be back soon,

Peace, Grace & Blessings of the Beloved Be Upon You All

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