Monday, May 31, 2004

another day, another slaughter,

May God have Mercy upon The Souls who Have been murdered

May The murderers face a suitable horrific punishment as decided by All-Knowing God...who Knows best

I seems they did their best to find out if their hostages were Muslim, before shooting or cutting their throats, so I should be safe, except for the most dangerous kind of brain-dead maniac who'll machine gun any westerner on the street that he comes across, which I understand is exactly what happened to a poor German fellow coming out of a bank a few days earlier.

I'm assured they do not exist down here in Abha......except I'm thinking if I were a terrorist, Abha is exactly the kind of place I 'd hide: quiet, out of the way, beyond suspicious. So there is a certain hurridness to get of the street these days, you might say.

The local Prince is not taking many chances, he's installed a brand new Italian made metal detector at the door of the swanky 'Abha Palace' where I do my thrice weekly constitutionals. I saw him a month or two ago, there are crowd of at least 12 security saudi's in traditional garb with holster guns & ceremonial golden swords & some other green uniformed official police with submachine guns that are in constant attendance. I was shooed out of the way in no uncertain terms, as the 'emir' (prince) was heading in my general direction, obediently, I held my stride and waited... then he swept into view, surrounded, head down & strode right in front of me, 2 feet away, all his long flowing brown robes flapping behind him, in deep thought.

I was of course no security threat being a western ajnabi, but I held my toungue and I was utterly and appropriately ignored. Only later did I realize it was perhaps my only occasion to say at least a 'salam walaykum' but I didn't think of it, perhaps luckily...

Part 2 of How I became a muslim will take some time to craft but it shall arrive, rest assured

just some shorter updates until then, I miss life as I knew it....but as they say 'with no pain there's no gain' and as dear Motasim often quips 'tommorrow's another day'

Peace To You All Who Chance Upon This

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