Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Praise Be To God, Exalted On High Within & Without

I am 'mamnu'' : FORBIDDEN!

I have just learnt that the authorities have cottoned onto blogspot & now I cannot even view it as access is officially forbidden!! It has been entered into the proxy server list of 'we don't want you to know about these' sites, it just happened in the last couple of hours

An unexpected honor, although I doubt due solely to me however you'll be able to read this but all I'm seeing now is the prepublish page, they haven't worked out to ban that, so forgive any errors

Today, for your edification and amusement .... the story, in part, of how I became one who has submitted his will to God(Gracious Be He!), through recognising & following the way of his last prophet, Muhammad sent to the human beings (May God's Peace Be Upon Him): believe it or not!

I haven't ever written this down before, although, it's been told quite a few times to the inevitably curious non-western Muslims, so I'll try, as best as I can considering the whole experience is, by it's very nature not really communicable by words, perhaps a little by poetry and totally, utterly, staggeringly translinguistically beyond myself that.....I've not had the courage to try until now you see something happened so huge, so utterly fantastic during the shamanic explorations of alternative universes, that I still struggle to truly comprehend, and rightly so, for it is uncomprehensible in it's totality , 4 and half years later, the end result of which is: I am a practicing Muslim,

Much to my surprise as, I actually struggle to like most Arab Muslims and their profound cultural conditioning, as much as I love Islam, May God forgive me,

but I wouldn't be telling the truth otherwise any way back to the freaky juice

When you explore these places, these realms, the Shamans elegantly say 'spirit world', you inevitably, shockingly & irrecovably perceive that they are NOT mere figments of your imagination, as many eminent skeptics and scientists attempt to assert,& postulate without any precise means to quantitatively test, subjective personal mystical experiences, objectively.

whew! , it's mindbending I know,

but think about it, for example, has any one ever actually scientifically proved that dreams exist?

I mean, plugging someone who is dreaming into a machine & somehow projected onto a screen so third parties can perceive it while your having it & then afterwards you can tick boxes to doubly verify you saw the same thing?

.... so any blockheaded scientist could thereby assert his hypothesis that therefore et ergo, dreams do not exist according to current technology

except of course the overwhelming & true reality of our own personal experiences which contradict this, despite the 'proof' being only brainwaves on charts, currently

In brings to mind, a quote I remember from a Sufi speaking in the middle of an ancient Persian argument about whether this brown muck from China they were looking at, called tea, was any good: "Is the the drink of heaven we heared about? is the this the drink of the gods?" they spurted so the Sufi stood up and launched a beautiful monologue of which I remember only:

'....He who tastes knows and he who tastes not knows not, so let us close the shop of argument and open the teahouse of experience...'

and hence as the story goes, is perhaps, how we are all, (in the west) drinking tea today,

a deep metaphor on the limitations & blindness of preconceiving anything

from 'Our Master' Rumi (May Beloved God sanctify his secret!)

The literal tasting of a variety of ekpyrotic alternative intelligences- or higher dimensional entities- or spirits, or djinn, or angels or demons: man calls them by a variety of names in every culture by people who know

So where does it all begin?

with God, by God, and He knows Best, so

In the name of God Most Merciful, All-Perceptive

It's funny how I ended up studying organic chemistry I never realized how it would pan out so,

Part 1

Meeting with the 'god' Osiris in a Field in Mulimbimbee

but so it did, one day back in Januarary '99 as I was bent on searching for magic mushrooms one day near Byron Bay in a little town called Mulimbimbee

I was fascinated by this unexplained mystery at the time and was plunging in without care, like it was some kind of calling and shaman that I am/was, it was as deep as I could go, and the mushrooms in this region are famed by the local hippies & other fellow hyperdimensional travelers, so thought I, it would be a waste to not partake of the opportunity while passing through,

so I parked the old ford station wagon, the one I just had to get fixed (see Tales from the Crypt of the Self...) near a wide green field with plenty of cows rummaging through the green chlorphylled living cellulose, as I got out, I noticed him,

who? this tall, dreadlocked black guy with a large walking stick, emerging from a old aqua kombi van, slowly and weirdly making his way towards me, he raised his hand slowly from afar and boomed across the void between

"HelloOO.. my .... vaan ... is .. stuck .. in .. the. mud,"

and then turned & pointed like a statue, is finger outstretched

"... can...... you ...... help....... me ......... pull....... it....... out?"

crikey, saying I was somewhat taken aback is an understatement. I didn't want to shout, so I made my way to him and as I did do he stared at me, wild eyed, and that familiar psychic rush of goose pimples flushed over me; I took notice, woah he had presence allright and he repeated himself very deliberately, as I reached him,

so I gave him the deal,

"...Look man, I'm in a bit of a hurry looking for some mushrooms, if you 'll help me find some, I'll help you get your van"

he just grunted and started walking with me, swinging his big stick before himself,

"So ahh Where are from bro?"

"Gondwana land 50, thousaaaand...... years....... ago........."

thinking he was aboriginal eccentric,

"Oh wao, what tribe is that man"

"Adamic, the seed, the first who came.........."

oh boy a right one here, & I just hoped he wasn't dangerous,

then he started to speak about his parents being slaves sometime in the last century and of receiving this vision of a kabbalistic triangle with light streaming from it with angels ( so similar to angles ) at each corner, as he told it I saw it in return I shared a vision of an ancient incredibly loving entity made of yellow, orange & purple crawling geometric mosaics of supernal light...that pulsated and flashed the incandescent purple tiles in language of light thought to thought, in a glittering glowing morphing tile palace; colours of the like that do not exist in our world...

....Here was the first rebounding from shock thought: that I was now dead from the DMT toke that I just had, and I was quite simply witnessing the afterlife as I never imagined it,

This grasp at comprehnsion, in turn, induced a panic, I was trying to breath but I didn't have or need lungs any more (I've witnessed this from the outside and the person generally hyperventilates in a panic for a minute or two) my consciousness was in total recoil shock- 'what are my friends and parents going to do with my body? 'Oh No, the misery that I've caused them'...etc.... with my ears crackling with some weird hyperdimensional static all the while but hang on, somehow I was actually having this experience and perceiving it, so I couldn't be quite dead yet but as I thought all of this in a nanosecond, the fluidic, tiled, light octupus like ENTITY was in my face, the tiles lit up & modulated their frequency with every word I was perceiving and it said, what I understood as

"...... I love you! and don't worry"

and for whatever reason, I said, in my mind, Love myself? and it erupted, bursting in a lighting strike of plasma purple that shot me through to the core, it was like a smile but not anything you could call it thus:

" YES!Love yourself! "

or words to that effect and then it swallowed me and I ended up in another place with millions of glowing balls, like separate universes , each one with something different inside, and I was fascinated with one of these universe balls and was drawn closer & closer and then fell inside of the ball and there I was in another place with this enormous sphere of white light pulsating, emitting a deep hum, sitting ontop of a giant resonating crystal white glowing pillar. At the junction of the ball and the pillar was somekind of living gasket that looked like an Islamic ziggurat squashed into 2 dimensions that was somehow moving & contracting & modulating the energy that was streaming into the giant column below, and I was terrified

As I became aware of my fear I stopped floating closer, and became aware of the distant bottom of the pillar, where it divided up into millions of incredible colours, each one making up the white light and each of these colours streaming off into the light blue infinity beyond

then it faded away into outer phenomenon, fascinating rainbow swirls and creatures as if from the aquatic deep, I was on the periphery of worlds within worlds and then I opened my eyes...crying

A month later I noticed the final image on the back of a nexus magazine, although it's a shadow of it's glorious reality, it is an accurate representation and since somebody else has seen it and drawn it, it's the best evidence available that indicates this is a real place

In the end it was my my first preconception shattering taste that there is a beyond, it changes your life forever....

but I digress, back to the story


he just nodded and smiled

we were at his van at this point and it was stuck pretty deep, and I again agreed to help after some mushrooms were found, so we turned out in to the joyous fields

" are following the Indian way " he intoned, swinging his stick as if he knew all about it

'Yeah, eagle spirit flying....."

but who is this guy, I wondered,

".... hey, didn't get your name bro.."

"My name is Osiris"


"'re Osiris!?..Egyptian God of the dead..?.."

"I ..that that.. I am" he intoned in deep bass

this definitely was a freak out, I had my suspicions but this confirmed my opinion that he was a nut case of the first order....

"uh uh...... but hey dude if you're Osiris then why can't you pyscokinetically lift your van out of the mud?"

thought I'd trip him up with that one,

"good question...." he smiled (& a hint that he was taking me for a ride) & raised his arm up over the town

"you see this town OVER THERE and the asphalt, it covers and blocks the earth's energy so I cannot tap it effectively"

OK, reasonable answer, however we continued on, I was curious but the conversation is a little unclear here,

He talked hazily further of the giant tidal wave coming later that year : there was a 6 planet alignment coming (August 1999) that received a lot of publicity at the time and then I suddenly asked, as I was very curious as to his mental state

"I see, so have you taken mushrooms yourself?"

"No I do not like the mushroom to speak for me"

I knew what he meant, but time to cut to the chase,

"look don't take this the wrong way but have you spent time in a hospital at all recently"

He just laughed

"I do not speak to others as I am speaking unto you "

and suddenly

"I'm tired off this"

and he turned away back to his van, just as I looked at him leaving, I looked down at my feet, bingo,

there I saw three perfect golden tops, a small, middle & large in the deep grass, very strange timing. I picked them well amazed at their perfection & ran to catch him up. This was very weird indeed.

Back at the van I explained my car would also get bogged if I tried to get him out, so I suggested we drive, in my car, to try a pub & find someone with a 4 wheel drive,

"nothing good can be found there, a Man with alcohol in his belly is no help to anybody, we need a woman, women run the country here"

I had to agree and desisted as we drove off to a local pub, so I thought I'll buy into his fantasy and see where it takes me

"so what do you do for money?"

"I take from those who don't need"

I sensed something insidious at this point,

"look Osiris, if your'e the god of death does that mean you umm... take life sometimes"

I couldn't believe I said that, and I suddenly had the feeling that this could precipitate something unexpectedly violent, but he only shifted uncomfortably and said calmly

"people kill themselves through their own ignorance but I don't with to talk about this futher...."

I breathed a sigh of relief at no knife appearing & stopped at a pub at this point and I went inside, and as he predicted, I couldn't find a single redfaced male who was willing to help, they all kind of sniggered so I sauntered back out to the car and we drove into the main street, keeping silent for a while

before long he spotted a lady in a 4WD & jumped out, all smiles & white teeth and convinced her to help & she happily agreed, so we were heading back to the fields and

It's a little hazy now but Jesus (AS) came up in the discussion & he talked, interestingly about a sacred tree that had been planted by Moses(May God send his peace Upon Him) whom he claimed had traveled to Australia passed on knowledge to the aboriginal people and that certain Aboriginal elders were guardians of this tree....only they knew the secret....!?

[if anyone who has also heard this extraordinary claim, please email me!]

...since He was heading there, he invited me along with him, but understandably I refused politely, assuring him I was well and truly on my own trip

After his car was withdrawn, I overheard his conversation with the hippy lady, his demeanor had completely changed, he introduced himself happily as 'Jonothan Rastafarian Man', purveyor of Hemp Seed Soap & other hemp products that he obviously sold at the many local markets out the back of his van, on his many & wide travels.

In the end I wished him well & relieved, drove off to look for some more mushrooms but coincendentally found myself stuck in the mud just as he had been.....!!??

Later when I got out I descended the hills to Byron Bay & parked by the beach, I noticed his van sitting there, as a parking spot opened two cars down, so I walked up & said hi

"you followed me here!" he proclaimed, "no I just happen to find a park next to you" I retorted

he then looked worried for a moment and uttered

"I need to find a universal joint for my van" and drove off in to the late afternoon sun,

it had been a very interesting ride,

Today it's an anecdote, in a much larger story.... curious as it was, but God knows best,

3 days later, and with 3 grams of potent dried Syrian Rue powder acting as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor, I took the mushrooms.......

oh boy, then the weird and most wonderful things really started to unroll.....and that's part two coming soon...alas time on the net has been curtailed shouldn't be too long,

in the meantime,

Blessed & Baraked Salams & Wishes To All,

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