Sunday, June 13, 2004

hello there, an amriki a day seems to be the current murder toll, my co-workers are embarrassed to tell me and have stopped doing so, knowing it doesn't help

God have Mercy Upon Those Who Are Taken

I've resorted to wearing my little white Muslim hat when outdoors & I've relaxed a lot as people don't tend to stare at you as much....

anyway it's nothing to the dangers the late William Thesiger put himself through to later write Arabian Sands (read the reviews at the bottom): I've been utterly engrossed in it since I bought it, there it lies finished beside my bed with my mind still racing with excitement


is the only word truly appropriate: it's an astonishing read, it's fired up my taste for adventure....

booked a week's holiday from the 8th of July, mmm where should I go? Sallala? , Bedu and the Prophet Job's tomb? Arabic beauties in Beirut? Sufis in Damascus?

The very real and human desires laid bare....!!