Tuesday, August 31, 2004

hir Bo!

& Wishes of Peace & Blessings,

I've been asked to give & have commenced English classes every night, to the Personal Secretary of the number 2 prince of the area, Prince Faisal, this secretary (also named Faisal) is in constant attendance from 8Am until 12 midnight every day of the year with no official holiday. They live in the below ( photographed from...) Abha Palace. To get through to the man I have to go to the 4th floor, run the gauntlet through about 3-4 machine gunned police, very nice people by the way, the bengali waiter (educated speaks perfect English), the bengla tea boy, the third bangla I don't know what he does, the tall & elegant looking Yemeni Ironer, the Indian number 2 secretary & then to Faisal, at the innermost sanctum, a very polite & nervous man....he determines the private affairs of the prince....all very interesting to see all this...has about 60 horses on a ranch near Riyadh, gets the horse form guide from England flown in every month crazy about them, not a poor man either by the sounds of it.....

otherwise work at Direct English has dropped off a cliff as the official school year is about to start,

Saw Kill Bill 2 on an import DVD and what a tedious & pretentious suprise.... with great fight scenes, it felt like Quentin needed to fill an hour & half of this pt 2 with explanatory self absorbed, expositionary dialogue: I didn't care for any of the characters, maybe I'm over tarantino as some kind of touted genius, it seems he's been listening to the praise exccessively & it's oozing out in the film, he's very plainly not, what a relief! talented though no doubt, can't hit it for six every time I guess...

more details soon...!

May the Peace, Grace & Blessings of the Beloved Be Upon You All


Monday, August 2, 2004

Allah hayaik--hir BO!

the traditional Assiri bedu welcome is much on my lips, as I'm heading to Farshah on thursday, about 150km down the mountains towards Yemen. Foreigners were only recently permitted to travel there due to the kanjah & rifle toting, bullet laden locals which were/are an embarrassment to the Najd government. I'm going with a local so, hopefully won't end with my throat cut....

Have Camera, will capture....or be captured

Otherwise work overwhelms currently, I'm on my 3 hour middle of the day break, Stuck in khamis Mushayt, as I've got to teach again at 5PM until 9PM then the infamous 30 minute hair raising drive back to Abha

they're calling...

baraked salams unto all