Sunday, October 17, 2004

Baraked Salams to All & Sundry in this blessed month!

the fasting's on! what a gift!

after reading this,20967,703248,00.html

I was curiously motivated to write this

Part of How I Became a Muslim , Pt 2,

Dear Dr Svoboda,

Peace Be with You

Congratulations for your recognized achievements in this most mysterious realm!

I learned of your work by your nomination in the Popscience '3rd annual brilliant ten' list of which you are no doubt aware, I wanted to write to you concerning some very strange & singularly unique experiences I was fortunate enough to taste, in the search for novelty & truth, I guess some time in 1999.

I was by basic University training in Adelaide, Australia, an organic chemist (Bsc(Hons)) for a while, to cut a long story short, this fortuitously lead to an interest in shamanism & the perusal of the subjective states achieved through the use of sacred plants & fungi, for the 'keys' contained within, by native people around the world since time immemorial.

The most profound of these was a very precise combination of the Peganum Harmalum (Syrian Rue) seed ( active constituents Harmine & Harmaline) & the Psilocybin containing mushroom from Northen NSW called a 'golden top' (stropharia Cubensis)

the gist of the story, whether you believe it or not ( which is of little importance to me: only the ideas contained within) was the information I gleaned or was 'shown' on the otherside to try & explain to my puny intelligence, how what was happening, was actually happening,

....which remains largely now in the realm of the unspeakable

(it may not surprise you that I am now a seriously practising sufiminded muslim living in Saudi Arabia currently teaching English !{to acquire fluency in Arabic}, at the time I was known as a certain Dr Zen, at the risk of you inevitably thinking of me as a wacko, here is an interview

just prior to embracing Islam)

What They showed me, (after I calmed down a lot because you can't believe this is actually happening to you), and according to my level of scientific understanding, was, a very precise and beautiful molecularly resolved colour 3D picture of a synapse, in situ, so to speak, ALIVE & I mean alive because They zoomed in close to show me a particular stereoscopic molecular arrangement, IN-SIDE the synaptic cleft with resonating, colour labelled vibrating atoms at higher res! and it was all HUMMING, like at a bass drone, I mean the whole receptor site was jiggling about at a frequency I could HEAR as They showed me.

As this was happening a second similarly colour labelled molecule was brought into this picture which I recognized as a resonating Psilocybin molecule, also humming at a slightly higher frequency, as the Psilocybin molecule was brought near to the similarly humming receptor site or 'key-hole' in the Synaptic cleft, the two frequencies started to overlap to produce a beat, like two strings of a guitar, just slightly out of tune,

as the Psilocybin molecule settled into it''s corresponding site, the beats started to closely over lap then...a whistling multi-octave resonating 'quantum?' hum emerged, much like as a Tuvan throat singer sounds ( I hope you're familiar with this art-form) as peculiarly , small eddies in space time seemed to start to open at the Planck scale, at this site. This is only as I perceived it, it may have meant some other enchaining process at a larger scale, however, which I understand is where you're at, currently

......and that was it! ...(of that section of the visions) & onto other breathless questions from me while in contact

I felt, thus They were graciously answering by showing how I could be perceiving this 'Higher-reality' 'Dimension' and having this 'contact' to begin with!

in a similar vein the action of DiMethyl Tryptamine (DMT) was also explained of which I had used a number of times & also administered to many others who sought the inexplicable

on recovering from this life changing experience, I began to think how could you possibly & scientifically prove this logical impossibility? Something that you know is .........just........ not .........supposed......... to............ happen

rendering all & sundry into 'dumfoundedness'

a veritable H-Bomb upon the traditional perception of reality: the world your parents , your priest(aka your Imam, Guru, Monk), and even your nobel prize winners told you about as if they know....

it's as deep into the X-factor zone as you go & it happens! & is it being researched anywhere ?

no, it's not provable under current technology

nor would the conservative establishment take the outrageous step of finding out for themselves, the only way you can know with certainty

hahA! the old chesnut of subjective personal experience!


I thought perhaps someday in the future, if one could mathematically
model the receptor site & duplicate the accumulated covalent bond frequencies, as the 'model' to reference against & have live subjects undergo controlled administration of DMT and placebos while the brain was NMR/MRI'd at a resolution not yet achievable, or as you are now doing with 'two-photon laser scanning microscopy" or some such technique, there might be a case for a thought provoking paper..due to the inevitable discrepencies in the results,

.....hence your work or what little I know of it seemed to sync & evoke this email

Hope it's food for thought or a laugh at least, but I can't help but feel they way you are going is a promising route for theoretical physicists to approach the problem of proving 'other dimensions' as postulated by Superstring or M-theory together with consciousness researchers & the inevitable neuroscientists such as yourself,

could be nobel prizewinning stuff......!

this is of course, as I understand, still in the realms of science-fiction, however but take it as you will!

God Luck!

Yours With Certain Purple Notions That There is A Beyond,

Matthew Thistle (Mahdi bin Daoud)

for his papers see:

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