Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Peace & Blessings to All,

In lieu of uninteresting news just 50+ hours a week teaching.....totally draining but I'm coffeed up enough today to let this rip

An account of one of the best dreams I've ever had, that I found scribbled on a piece of notepaper from Dec 2001, at culmination of my first ever month long fast of Ramadan

I hadn't fully embraced Islam, it was more like 'solidarity with the Muslims month', an experiment to see what it was all about...

It was a gift from the Beloved, as I perceive it. A reward for my 1st ever sacred month of denial of my desire, at the time I was experiencing a lot of psychic phenomena and it was becoming strangely normal

Although all that's tapered off in these sober Saudi days of acquiring basic rank & file spiritual disciplines

It's something I'd like to's what I wrote or thereabouts:


"A stupendous dream, to be sure, an account no less of man's seeming emergence out of waking conciousness into something so, so BEYOND that which is, already, a waking miracle......there is no speech to do it justice but I shall try...

Presented in supra wide screen infinite rez, direct to consciousness InfiniteScope, rich Transcolour: richer even! Played as a slickly directed & produced Heavenlywood blockbluster, segues, dissolves, jumpcuts......tailored in style to my personal taste


To a desolate rocky landscape, with me, wandering the land, dressed very simply, almost in skins. I was aware I was one of several sons of a travelling nomad family, but they were no where to be seen.....

I was known as the deep-thinking one, prone to meandering off by myself into some surrounding hills to sit upon a large rock under trees, perplexed with it all know, trying to make sense of my life when all of a sudden I noticed a 'Gandalf' wizened one 'type', descending a narrow gorge nearby to my right, that I hadn't noticed before

Fascinated I jumped down & made my approach, when I got close I saw that he was suspended in a strange trance underneath the roots of a tree that had wrapped themselves around him, in this position he was morphing & trembling in & out of space/time....: I had just met the Teacher

After an indeterminate period, and some subliminal instruction I began to notice that with a little concentration I could change my sense perception of the space surround my head, a higher resolution richly coloured 'reality' would start to literally crystallize out of the air, swarming with scarlet red, glittering facets, a seeming 'truer' more real place that i had never imagined but I was unable to sustain it & it would condense & collapse, the exact details have faded here but I remember The Teacher smiling 'that's the way', I re-attempted and immediately 'crystallised' a large spectacularly resolved area about my person, literally entering upon an entire other Universe bound up within, the rough almost black & white, high grain, low res excuse for that which we called reality

I was able to 'condense' my way up to even higher levels, strange kaleidoscopes of fantastical 'disney' like doorways to bizzare incomprehensible places with swirling violet, red & yellows, glittering, then amorphous globular weird aesthetic forms, each of which I got to know.. then fading....


Back with my 'brothers' in the desolate rocky wasteland, somehow they too were aware of this strange phenomenon and one could crystallise just a little bubble of the first level, then looked at me pleased and unaware of what I knew to this point, so I said 'oh yeah you mean like this......?'

.......and I summoned as much energy as I was capable of and literally blew away time & space as they knew it in an instant.

Somehow I had jumped a whole new level in this 'window' opening and they were standing there stupefied with me, before a giant creamy white staircase and a huge crystal floor with doors or portals starting on this level and continuing up the staircase it was as real if not REALER than as you are reading the page right now in front of your computer.

The colours were so deep, the features so resolved, so tangible: I knew at this point that I had manifested this reality (to my perception at the time: in fact God (Almighty) Is the One Who Manifests) up to level 22 or 23. I was also aware that they're were many more beyond that.....

Smooth, rich unbroken sheets of deep red, vermilion and azure blues on transparent faceted surfaces that transformed & ballooned open if I focussed hard enough.

The stairwell was glowing white, with almost the feeling of rendered plastic but it wasn't, there were little stages on the way up each stage had the recognisable portals to the very strange worlds on the other side. You could see the liquid amorphous intensely coloured shapes rotating within & beyond. At one level it really was like looking in at an amazing, yet to be conceived amusement park.

At this point my brothers and I were suspended from exploring this place and we ended up all of a sudden, in a large conference room, like in the UN, but a lot more modern with various types of bizarre creatures at each desk: little humanoids in plastic liquid vials, fat bespectacled, furry entities & other non-humans with wide faces & lots of hair all shouting in their desk microphones “ me! Me! Me!”

Coordinating all of this in the middle of the room and controlling the voting process were these clean cut, handsome professionally suited men & women, with radio/mic headsets attached to their heads( worker Angels?), there was a moment of intense buzzing & then they voted:

“it's ADAM!” seeemd to chorus from the center of the room, he was unanimously chosen to be the 'one', and they all turned strangely to peer my way…they were all talking about me!

My virtues were extolled and displayed to all the other living things in the room, how I could concentrate focus & expand space-time & higher realities…..I was to be the Custodian for the Earth!

wha.......? then before it had time to sink in or what it really meant


and I was awakened by my cat Sushi leaping onto my chest

Crystal clear, emphatically real: it was marked out immediately as something abnormal


Praise Be To God(The Enlightener) Who Maketh It All So

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