Tuesday, May 10, 2005

'feel the world'
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'feel the world'

for brother Parisian artist, Rafael Gray for his 'feel the world project'


..almost ended up in the slammer for this, a off duty Mutawwa ripped the camera out of my hands several moments after this shot, it took 20 minutes of near violence & intervention of his supervisor to get it back, with heart pumping and hands shaking with thanks to Khalid & Abdullah who tried to wrestle it out of his hands but by God was this mutawwa strong!

the anger was horrible, right next to God's house, helas! May He Forgive Us All but we got the photo, BTW it is officially forbidden to take photos even outside the Haram, however I didn't know, it was only the Ka'aba it self, I thought, that was offlimits

wa salam! I'm eating an omlette

why do I choose such moments to blog?

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