Friday, June 17, 2005

Pre '83 Najran Roof Top: Tchekof Minosa
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Peace to you,

In lieu of my own, here's Tchekof Minosa's taken in the early '80's, Saudi was a very different place, minimal development, crazy salaries for all who worked, more to come...hope he doesn't mind, I'll try & track him down

Otherwise things have slowed, PSC has wound up, I've very few students but marking has not yet finished, then I can hopefully finish the practise DVD of the trip to Mecca

My application to the Rihla in Madinah has not yet been answered for almost 2 weeks & despite follow up emails not a glimmer of response which quite strange since you spend up to 5 hours filling out the application you'd think they'd at least acknowledge their receipt of it!, oh well it's looking unlikely as a result, maybe there's a problem Allahu Alim

Hopefully more time to post soon, Godwilling

& God Bless to all who chance upon this!

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