Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sh Suliman at AlKhalil Mosque, Adelaide, Dec 2004
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The biggest mosque in Adelaide about 7km from the city centre towards the port

...Sh Suliman what can I say, a wise, loving, open minded & always smiling Sheikh, he got me & many others, on our way in Arabic, he teaches for free 3- 4 nights a week, as well as administrating to the small community. He lives in accomodation provided at the mosque, so buzy!

He's the antithesis of the wahhabi, never would he scowl at Muslims who had girlfriends or whatever, he would always encourage with love & smiles to come & have a little special ceremony instead... he's just that, never doing anything that would Jeapordise the ability of a lapsed brother to come & start praying

i cried when I said goodbye to him! he was one of the few to welcome me in true 'hibb al Al Islam', he understood more than most what it was like for me as a new Muslim in the extreme secularist environment of Adelaide...God Bless & Reward him!

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