Friday, September 30, 2005

Ya Peace Be With Thee all!

ha! finally sussed the password conundrums at & managed to post the Sh Hamza audio with photos attatched, as a 'video' see the video! section side's incomplete, as no-one had any idea that he would suddenly start singing! It took a little while to turn on the camera & the last shot you see, that zooms in on from afar is just after he finished, God Bless him...

Speaking of moving image: being a genuine admirer of Stanley Kubrick's work, I couldn't help but share this alternate promo cut from his psychological tour de force The Shining which pokes a stick at all the candified Hollywood narratives vomiting thick & fast out of California recently and have been parading as somehow, profound emotional experiences, and simultaneously, laying bare the deceitful nature of the 'Hollywood' trailer, itself: it's brilliantly farcical...if you dig the art of cinematic language, check it out!


The day has long gone, the tendrils of light have faded, tommorrow work again and we're sitting on the cusp of of another Ramadan, which I deperately doubt all of us do...the profound wisdom of this month is staggering

A strange peace has overcome me this past few weeks with, goals firmly in sight, it's now a matter of staying the course...

forgive me for any offence I may created in your hearts with anything that I have written!

it all feels so inane in the face of eternity

Thursday, September 22, 2005

stone hut
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purpose unknown, seems ancient

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Najran Mud Mihrab
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from inside the mosque at he Najran Mud fort, totally unused, cobwebbed & thick layers of dust on the rotted carpet, anyway I prayed away the first since God Knows when!