Friday, October 28, 2005

Ya salams to all..

if you're wondering were the posts are well, if you're like me, you'd be just too shagged, with little time tarawe'ah, tajahud, work, iftar, invites, unable to get away quickly etc

what's happened of note, well...

I was setup to meet a sister!, well an indian ex-hindu girl from kerala

you know that place on the malabar coast where they speak that most difficult Malayalam language?

golly well, my hopes weren't high but I thought I'd give it a go, but boy she was really pretty!

beautiful eyes & teeth, waist long, black hair dressed in an expensive green sari, the other sister who arranged it all, in a fullblown abaya & niqa, urging her to speak, she was really shy, there were 3 other males in the room I guess to make sure I didn't jump on her & rape her etc audibillahi!

thank God a sense of trust developed & so they left, so it was just me, her & the black shrouded one, the official chaperone

I asked her a few simple questions but she kept answering other questions that she thought she'd heard instead & had to ask me to repeat them....groan, she could barely speak English,

the reality

& then that uncomfortable silence, you know I realized immediately that this was not possible, so I did my best at some affable small talk, I'm good at that when required despite my distaste for it

anyway, the males returned, she left & was told to get some refreshments, ( it was a bit strange the 'abayaed' sister ordering her about!) man I mean how do you explain the impossibility of the without being offensive?

the abayaed sister was asking me what did I think, just ludricous, I mean I can't believe this is how most Muslims get married!

man it's an alien chasm I just can't bridge it, too much hanky panky before I was Muslim...

anyway she came back more uncomfortable silences & the other well meaning sister was urging her to speak but she just froze up poor girl, God Bless her

in time we left, what a relief, with the abayaed sister in tow & she started apologizing for her

"you know Indian girls are so shy when they don't know you"........"don't worry she'll be speaking good English in no time in Australia"

as if it were a done deal!, so embarrasing.......

I took the black clothed, sister home, with my other keraly friend Abdul-Majid & was invited in for the obligitory refreshments & chit-chat, I did my best to explain in the most gentle way that she didn't speak English & it wasn't really going to work etc but they kept insisting! got me talking to her absent husband on the phone also! she gave me a harcopy of The Sealed Nectar & she's big on dawa, I've read it though in softcopy, so I gave up & left the impression I was considering it, as graciously as possible, she was so earnest & piously trying to do her duty as a sister, May God Reward her for her intention in any case

& just made it clear to Abdul-Majid later

then isha was called & that was that, outta there.. whew!

haha oh well got to see a real woman, wow something you just take for granted in the west but it's been well since July since the rihla that I've seen one..!

I never imagined I'd mind it so little, but I guess I'm well used to it now

Dr Osoma the obsessive Egyptian Surgeon, about whom I've alluded to in earlier who thinks I'm his son & wants me to marry his 19 year old daughter, is always giving me the willies about how I'll end up alone, you know & giving me examples of other Englishmen he knew he were alone all the time, insisting that he wants to 'hold my babies in his arms', feels it's his sacred duty etc so pushy, so Egyptian, he can't help it, part of his strange charm

anyway doesn't work, ha ha

thank God (Exalted Be He!) for tawakull (trust in Him)!


looks like I managing to make to UAE next week after, I've been promised my exit visa tommorrow, after getting the big manager here to kick some butt on my behalf, although I'll believe it when I see it, such lazy incompetant Saudis in the Riyadh office, they're new, replaced the really efficient Indians-onward Saudization!....hello nightmare


heading to Mecca in anycase on the 1st Nov,

taja'hud's (night prayers) amazing, I'm glowing mostly, doing it home, man gotto keep this up after Ramadan, insha'allah

hope you are too!

& God Bless to all who chance upon this!

more posts from UAE soon Godwilling

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