Friday, November 25, 2005

Peace to you

well here I am in my friendly internet cafe next door with brother Haider this sweet Bangalorian who runs the joint, in liue of my powerbook which is still sitting in Dubai's high tech district, finally they received confirmation of warranty now the part must be sent, installed & when ready hopefully shipped to me, I'm guessing another month : it's just totally unacceptable Apple!

the Middle East in offically Windows territory Arabs just can't understand the advantage oh but when I show them they're gobsmacked .....forget it ranting here!

OK Friday afty, attended the usual Juma' where I don't understand anything, more & more words yes but together, God Help me!....over 2 years now, every week pretty well the same; I must admit it's not something I get enthusiastic about. It's true what SH Hamza says about juma'ah today everyone seems asleep...and there's brothers everyweek keeling over & missing the iqama, having perfecting sleeping sitting up...the government of course, plays a role in sanitizing the khutbah before it's read, and in case you forget, there's machine gun toting guards awaiting you on the steps as you walk into God's special house

I tried to organize an English speaking one with the billionare owner of the local private hospital but it got bogged down, as the local Mufti had to write a letter to Riyadh to get official permission & even if they did agree, the text would have to be carefully vetoed etc too much of a headache, nothing's happened after 3 visits...I've lost motivation

I really do want to leave!....if I could only find a job in a neighbouring country at approx the same salary so I can stay on schedule for the film! hmmph dunya I dissapoint myself everytime use fretting it's in God's Hands & has been already Decreed long ago we'll see, and I submit to His Will & look at the advantages of being here in the mean time ...that's the spirit!

Such as next eid al adha, soon, one week holiday: this time, intended destination Hadramout, Terim & the Haba'ib!! , they're relatively close, it's crime not to have made the Journey fisibillilah

I've had to undergo the demeaning embarrassments of the medical check up for my iqama renewal but its going to be late....hope I can get the visa on time

otherwise oh yes! I teaching this group of French helicopter mechanics twice a week from the nearby military base, they're non-Muslims but it's a pleasant relief to have some contact with my old favourite culture & guess what one of them generously gave me a nice chunk of Roquefort cheese!!


from the miles of the Kraft blandverse that covers the supermarket selves here was something that is truly wonderful & unique, I thank God(Exalted Be He!) for the taste after all these years...golly i'm gong to have some now my mouth's watering

back in tick...


he he....had to jot down to the local for some fresh bread rolls, haaa not fasting...finished my 6 days Praise be to He!

well if you haven't tried it, do yourself a favour: the Bounty of God!....! not for nothing is it known as the King of Cheeses....

any way these French guys ( al dafda'oon: the frogs for my workmates) giggle & are often red faced & admit they're able to drink inside the base, it's amuzing to me, from a wine growing region of South Australia, something that is celebrated & venerated & I become Muslim in the middle of it...! nothing further at the other end of the spectrum

I really used to enjoy that glass with my father with the meal, the discussion of the vintages, it's complex character....something that brought him great sadness when I was no longer able to share this experience with him, particularly with the Epicurean club back in Renmark & their strange dinners & covered up wines...its amazing how the members were able to guess the maker, place & year from a single swig

anyway it'a all in the past, all in the shadow of yesteryear and a long way to the top if you wanna rock n'roll on the sirata al mustaqueeem


so I sign off for today...your du'a are always a gift..

God Bless! & Salams to all who chance upon this!

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