Saturday, July 8, 2006


BTW Hunkered into town last night, something I usually avoid like the plague (ie taking to the most dangerous roads in the world) & scored a compilation DVD from China (the only ones you can get here in the Asir) & caught 'Beowulf & Grendel'

I must say what a relief to be able to see some fine European cinema for a change!...something I used to do, so often, while living in the west, I took it very much for was like breathing oxygen, such is the inanity of my existance here... I guess you gotta live here to appreciate this feeling..

de toute fa├žon

'twas a great film! such an authentically recreated 'Danemark' in 500AD, suburbly powerful myth, capturing the cross-over of the old shamanism/paganism to the birth of Christianity, something that myths curiously do... and the troll & his Mum! golly! got to see it!'s my old genetic heritage connection drives my enthusiasm, my genes partly hail from thereabouts...

I also signed up for google analytics absolutely fascinating and advisable to any who are running a website of any sort...

& something I learned recently....!

Do you know I have the No1 Google position for the keywords "unsolvable+theorem" without even trying?! People pay good money for that! haha

Search Engine Optimization is an arcane knowledge domain indeed...

OK it's midnight & bell gongs are still ringing & I've been surfing too long!

Wishes of Peace to All...

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