Friday, September 29, 2006

Iftar(breaking of the fast), 28 Sept 2006, Ramadan, with br 'Adl the lawyer, Giza, Cairo
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He's got as law firm in Cairo with 7 lawyers working for him & not a single computer in the office! if you can believe it! obviously effective though!..very old school! always invites me, he lead the prayers in Tarawee'ah afterwards also very long rakats too, May God Accept!

OK the food:

bottom corner 2 soups
-cooked vegetable in corner
-egyptian classic 'lisan asfar' ie yellow tongues (small egg shaped nodules in tasty soup) on it's right
-'mashy (stuffed) coromb (like spiced meat/veggy thin wraps) on the left
-stuffed eggplant & cucumber
- far right ; Egyptian 'Canelloni' (pastry wrap of spicy meat of some kind)
-centre: the ubiqutous roast chicken
- lahm baqry (stewed beef)

then there was mangoe, pomegranite & figs for dessert! haha Alhamdullilah

Hope you're all enjoying similar delights...

God Bless & Salams

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