Thursday, September 14, 2006

M O S Q U E. Mandu
Originally uploaded by Claude Renault.

the one & only Claude Renault an astonishingly good photographer in the real sense

check out his work in flickr in the Outstanding Travel Photo pool

how does he do that?


Had a great meeting with __________ (removed at his request), newly minted **************************************, thanks to Brother Daoud, who, it turns out, is the one who approached me in Hyde Park corner back in August 2003!! After having made du'a to God (Exalted Be He!) that I meet people of inward knowledge, a few days after arriving in London from Adelaide...

Shortly after, he was the one who appoached me out of the blue! As he said tonight, "it looked like you were looking for something" & gave me the information that Sh Nuh was speaking that very night in Ilford which led me to meeting the Murids of Sh Nuh and Sh Ali (the Malaysian Nashqbandi Sh) which was like meeting family...after the years of wilderness in Aus :God Bless them all!

the thing is he gave me his number but I lost it or something & thought I lost contact...!!

How's that?!


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