Friday, September 29, 2006

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(thanks ornellab! the caption : This old man is waiting that many animals cross the way in Kashgar Bazar (West China))
May God Accept!

Praying tarawee'ah at home where I can understand it , practise the tajweed & am more involved, generally I believe (I mean I checked it out in shaf'i fiqh: please correct me if Im wrong!) ) there's more reward in my case (ie not being able to understand the arabic) than praying in jamm'a where it can last up to 2 & 1/2 hours for 8 rakats in places!!'s definately not making it easy on the people! certainly in my case anyway.. I have to fight for concentration during these long Quranic passages up to 15 minutes at a time.. where are the techniques given by Ulema to do this? particularly if you're not good Arabic speaker or listener?.. My understanding was that it should be easier, particularly for the fard prayers, shortish suras, May God Forgive me but I'm taking the more interesting and legally valid option for me...

May He Accept all your Worship & deprivations this month!

May the Peace, Grace & Blessings of the Beloved Be Upon thee!

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