Saturday, September 23, 2006

Salams wa 'Amil Eeh?

Notions of an orange Ramadan eve about to flow into the hearts of believers...

May Almighty God Make it the Closest approach for you all, yet! amin

I'm freewheeling around the 24 hour clock as I'm want to do with little or next to no contact with outside life, committments or regular appointments..

..takes me back to Adelaide circa '98-2000, when I attempted unsuccessfully to retire from the world, & turn my back on what I conceived was the hypocrisy of earning money while trying to utterly detach from it: couldn't work it out ...ahh the existential conondrums of a life outside of Islam

today couldn't sleep after fajr after being up all night, made it to the flipside about 8AM consequently was up at an unmentionable hour this afternoon, the night representing the least composing of distraction (& running yes again!)

So what's happended?

-well first, thanks to Irving Kirchmar I met the forceful & intelligent personage of a certain American sister Cathryn Goddard, a 10 year resident of Cairo, Phd holder in Economics, fluent in French, Turkish, Arabic & her native toungue and erstwhile sufi path seeker! Who is about to have her translation of the fascinating Eva de Mitray's Towards the Heart of Islam: A Woman's Approach published by Fons Vitae very shortly

She lives in an amazing flat, with an astonishing view atop of a tall building in Zamalek (the central island straddling the Nile)

She welcomed me, fed me wonderfully & provided hints, tips & contacts galore..God Bless for her efforts! By the Grace of God indeed

- Secondly I got suprisingly drawn into the fate of two 'leeetulle'(sic) orphan kittens, left in a filthy box by the main door of the labyrinthal edifice in which I live, abandoned by their mother a day old, one was already dead, I buried it but I was told by various people that the mother was about, & I didn't see anyone concerned about their welfare in a city infested with strays ( there's 10 living in our building at least) but I never saw her, so over the next couple of days I tried to keep them alive but as I learnt, it's a very tricky thing indeed I didn't have the knowledge to actually do it! Until it was too late, the last one died in my hands way to dehydrated to go any further, lapsed in coma & slipped out..they can't see, require specific high protein milk, cows milk unfortunately doesn't work, need to be kept really warm, hydrated: lots of stuff alas I tried but not hard enough..It's strange how such an interaction with such a really tiny helpless animal can almost completely involve you.. but back to the flat with me, myself & I & the recording angels & God Knows what else with tarawee'ah starting tonight I mean NOW

May God(Exalted be He!) Inspire all of us to profound ibada', good works & transformed hearts by the end, inshallah

go to go Maghrib's hitting, RAMDADAN'S ON! YA ALLLAH! & this keyboard's got me almost screaming, I've a cursor that jumps around as I type, no-one can fix it... it's like an obligatory 'have patience' device when you're trying to write stream of concioussness, forgive any typos..

& God Bless to any who may chance upon this!

outta here

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