Friday, October 6, 2006

United Arab Interstellar League Energon Receiver Machine
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Why not? the caption that goes with it is quite something but you have click through to see that by this eccentric American artist who dresses as an Arab maybe he's Muslim Allahu Alim

Otherwise weird sleep schedules ruling my life, destroying productivity Alhamdullilah! I can't keep a rhythm, sleeping hardly at all for a couple of days, Allah is doing strange things!

would like to think He's trying to help me maximise ibada' during this month wa Allahu Alim

Please don't take this the wrong way, this is an observation only

Soberingly I had to perfrom on of my pillars by hand, to the poor in my neighbourhood, Alhamdullilah I visted widows, blind people, miserable abandoned wives & struggling daughters, the sick , the paraplegic, the weak, the helpless, the old, the almost forgotten...I saw their decrepid living quarters, families in one room, to weak to get up out of bed some of them all known to be decent people of taqwa, I was led to them by sincere brothers who know all the people in need...Alhamdullilah

this is their only social security their local community... literally a couple of hundred metres away is the presidential palace, sickening

so many, indeed there's here a city full of them & just the biggest city in Africa

I went home & couldn't help but cry thinking about the pain etched in their faces & my selfish, lucky life as a westerner & what the hell am I doing? Why aren't I doing more? All these people my brothers & sisters drowning in utter poverty..with an Alhamdullilah on their lips

there right there right now while I'm in expensive internet cafe

you can go back to whatever your doing now...

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