Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hey Wishes of Peace to you!

almost forgot about this blog! hey that' s married life! Alhamdullilah! got a life again haha

and that's the thing that this blog was borne out of the Saudi experience of utter isolation now the situation has reversed!

She's, certainly got rights over me, God Bless her & is not too enthusiastic about the amount of time I'm spending to maintain email etc on the web, so updating is bound to be less frequent.. and she's right, so the nature of this whole thing will have to be reconsidered in light of my new responsiblities... bithnillah

Well I 've been here in Fairfax near Washington DC for over a week now Amrika! wide about 20% in almost all dimensions I'd say.... broadband heaven, hidef media and disturbingly addictive

Enjoying it immensely however, so far, except for the dearth of Islam, brotherly contact & the distance to travel to a mosque, but this was all expected & meant to be... & Praise be to Hu Who Maketh it so

Also Enjoying the Ashes improbably here at this late hour, England getting 'put to the sword' such an appropriate expression to the situation... embarrasing really

don't worry video is coming from Abu Hasan Shadhili's(RA) tomb, after I have more time, energy & momentum on my hands Godwilling after 3rd December when in New Mexico

in the meantime some more photos...

to the DC museums & Smithsonian tommorrow inshallah!


& God Bless to any who chance upon this

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

the Tomb of Abu Hasan As-Shadhilli (RA), Abu Hasan, Egypt 140 km from Mirsa Alam, Red Sea
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Alhamdullilah they opened the locked inner door to make du'a for him & take a few photos..there was an incredible hadra going on in the tomb by some Egyptian murids took footage.. there was beautiful musky perfumed smell inside the tomb & no incense visible, they swore to God that no perfume was added either! similar to the smell in the cave of Uhud where the Prophet(salalahu 'alyhi wa salam) rested .. some interesting video was taken, will post on blog... Godwilling!

info about the revered Sheikh can be found here
wiki entry here

Old Beggar: road to the Tomb of Abu Hasan As-Shadhilli(RA) from Mirsa 'Alam
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Big Salams from Alexandria, I like this town! very cool temperature wise & very European...!

and if your wondering where I've been...well... oh how do I say... best just out with it

I'm married!! by the Grace of God (Exalted Be He!) Alhamdullilah!

In a curious series of baraka filled events it finally happened..! we're both still amazed

So net access in wild & varied places around Egypt has not been so simple & time to transmit & upkeep email in light of my new responsibilities in life.. well I'm sure you understand! ... still on a blissed out honeymoon.. returning to Cairo tommorrow inshallah

God's Beautiful Wisdom in this matter is finally coming to light..

Heading to New Mexico around the 15th to set up house & shop of all places! apache country I believe!.. well she's a doctor God Bless her! that's where her work is & so planning to finish the script there Godwilling as it's something I can happily do independant of place.. inshallah

very large new page turning once again...

that's qadr! & Praise be to God, All Wise Who Maketh it so...

please make du'a (prayer/supplication) for us!


the blurb accompanying this photo, taken recently

"He was living alone in that tent on his right, with a few goats, sitting under a tree in a lonely valley kilometers from anyone with a trembling old hand holding an empty water bottle... God Help him! we did what we could"

photos of the tomb coming..

Glowing Salams to thee...