Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hey Wishes of Peace to you!

almost forgot about this blog! hey that' s married life! Alhamdullilah! got a life again haha

and that's the thing that this blog was borne out of the Saudi experience of utter isolation now the situation has reversed!

She's, certainly got rights over me, God Bless her & is not too enthusiastic about the amount of time I'm spending to maintain email etc on the web, so updating is bound to be less frequent.. and she's right, so the nature of this whole thing will have to be reconsidered in light of my new responsiblities... bithnillah

Well I 've been here in Fairfax near Washington DC for over a week now Amrika! wide about 20% in almost all dimensions I'd say.... broadband heaven, hidef media and disturbingly addictive

Enjoying it immensely however, so far, except for the dearth of Islam, brotherly contact & the distance to travel to a mosque, but this was all expected & meant to be... & Praise be to Hu Who Maketh it so

Also Enjoying the Ashes improbably here at this late hour, England getting 'put to the sword' such an appropriate expression to the situation... embarrasing really

don't worry video is coming from Abu Hasan Shadhili's(RA) tomb, after I have more time, energy & momentum on my hands Godwilling after 3rd December when in New Mexico

in the meantime some more photos...

to the DC museums & Smithsonian tommorrow inshallah!


& God Bless to any who chance upon this

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