Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Old Beggar: road to the Tomb of Abu Hasan As-Shadhilli(RA) from Mirsa 'Alam
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Big Salams from Alexandria, I like this town! very cool temperature wise & very European...!

and if your wondering where I've been...well... oh how do I say... best just out with it

I'm married!! by the Grace of God (Exalted Be He!) Alhamdullilah!

In a curious series of baraka filled events it finally happened..! we're both still amazed

So net access in wild & varied places around Egypt has not been so simple & time to transmit & upkeep email in light of my new responsibilities in life.. well I'm sure you understand! ... still on a blissed out honeymoon.. returning to Cairo tommorrow inshallah

God's Beautiful Wisdom in this matter is finally coming to light..

Heading to New Mexico around the 15th to set up house & shop of all places! apache country I believe!.. well she's a doctor God Bless her! that's where her work is & so planning to finish the script there Godwilling as it's something I can happily do independant of place.. inshallah

very large new page turning once again...

that's qadr! & Praise be to God, All Wise Who Maketh it so...

please make du'a (prayer/supplication) for us!


the blurb accompanying this photo, taken recently

"He was living alone in that tent on his right, with a few goats, sitting under a tree in a lonely valley kilometers from anyone with a trembling old hand holding an empty water bottle... God Help him! we did what we could"

photos of the tomb coming..

Glowing Salams to thee...

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