Sunday, December 3, 2006

3 Boys: Ramadan 2006, Cairo

(best viewed large: just click through!)

May the Peace, Grace & Blessings of God Be Upon thee

hidey-ho from a Fairfield, Virginia basement basking in the glow off the TV as The Ashes unfold, Australia fighting back after some untypical English steel yesterday... boy my wife's been tolerant she seems to understand this male thing... Alhamdullilah


Off to El Paso, Texas tommorow! Stopover & hike it up to Carlesbad the next day inshallah will check out our sun-drenched rental taken on sight unseen except for the photos...things will hopefully settle down after moving out of a suitcase for the first time in 5 months!

what a relief & God Almighty is the One who Grants ease & tranquility

make du'a if you feel the urge!


Was dumfounded by the Smithsonian Air & Space museum here.. it's what America does really well planes & rockets.. I became a 7 year old all over again, all those hands on air pressure physics experiments.. what an old familiar & joyous feeling...

A cracker photo I took on the night I went to meet my wife for the very first time!... starting to have time to review all the photos from Egypt

well until apache country & where the script will resume Godwilling

a contented salams to you!!

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