Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The notion of the mind of a puffer.

To halt all confusion just before it even starts, i am not saying the marijuana in and of alone is the principal material which makes the peerlessly rolled joint stronger or danker. No an argument like that may be from left area. What I am declaring while, is the fact that it does have a good impression on your own 420 time if anything you rolled up using your papers is good and smug. Marry Jane DankLegalBud smoking is surely an artwork form, and so as this sort of must be addressed as one in each and all occasions. Ok, we get it, probably not ALL situations, like say if you have to seize a fast toke before you go into get the job done, or when time is being rushed.

These organizations, in spite and anger, decided to foyer congress to produce cannabis illegal to posses and take in on the foundation that it's even worse than beer. Several studies have on the other hand demonstrated that weed, when eaten in modest quantities, is ten fold safer than beer or other alcohol consumed in modest quantities. Persons really don't realize that weed really calms individuals down and would make them delighted and in a laughing temper, instead of drunk, angry, and violent like alcohol does when individuals get squandered. You can not in excess of dose on weed, only get significant sufficient to have the munches and eat every little thing inside your cabinet. Critics also declare that stoners are lazy, but if you search at well-known pot head musicians similar to the Beatles, you can’t say they were lazy, dependent on how much work they place in to write down tunes that marketed millions of data. The Beatles and many other artists and stars are professional legalization of bud, but nevertheless nevertheless it's only passed as lawful in two US states. Other countries including Amsterdam and British Columbia let their people to toke up, so why does not the United states of america allow the exact same issue?

The subsequent agenda I've having a decide on number of in the puffing community is in regards to the various strands of weed. Many want to determine what tastes the top, which will get you stoned more rapidly, and what's the cheapest. An answer such as this is difficult to explain because of the a lot of possibilities, but one point is of course, legal bud that you can purchase on the net tops all groups continually. It can be sticky, potent, affordable, and may get you large for a kite any time you puff it. Just remember that it is far better to roll an enormous joint with it and smoke it that way rather than to implement a bong or pipe to get hits from. In the event you follow these measures your four:20 time will be satisfying and you'll get ripped outside of means. A lot of folks while in the bud cigarette smoking community want to contact their weed into something known as a cannabis cigarette also known as a joint. The goal of rolling grass a.k.a. weed right into a joint will be to obtain a break up that 1 modest can make the persistent style superior for the tongue. In order for you more information about rising medical, puffing, or rolling dank, take a look at this site for easy to read through and comprehend guides. Room many stoners and weed heads since they are acknowledged adore to mix their weed up with Jolly ranchers for making it taste even sweeter. The act of constructing bud taste sweeter is almost nothing new to this technology people have been carrying out it for ages. Like a issue of truth even historical civilizations have preferred to own a sweeter, additional dense, compacted rolled up smoke. Never ever undervalue the facility of potency in regards to choosing the strand of herb that you simply wish to established you absolutely free, and boy will it established you prefer you have never ever been established prior to.

Not all weed people who smoke embrace the element of lights up although at get the job done, or in advance of likely into work, but a fresh revolution has begun while in the weed cigarette smoking planet. It really is tough to elucidate in detail the implications this new craze may possibly have on people who'd instead continue to be sober. Some think that it can cause a brand new level of person who often likes to get significant, and often does not. Reads of common publications like higher occasions, and four:20 world have pitched in with their views. Despite the fact that they presently understood just how to roll a blunt. Justin from Florida states that if his residence metropolis of Tampa would legalize bud, that he would roll up and smoke himself a extra fat doobie just about every one early morning, and at nighttime just before he went to bed. You could possibly think that this kind of time lapse in using tobacco just isn't everything significant to speculate about. Nevertheless, glance at it using this method, he probably spends sixteen hours awake, and eight hours asleep, the best kind of continual bud is enough to get him so significant that he would basically be less than the impact of bud this total overall time.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Secret is out

You might probably have guessed, pillow humping is an process of humping and masturbatory stimulation by taking advantage of a pillow. There are many different practices and positions that may be carried out during pillow humping. Every one of them are intended in order to achieve the same aim of ejaculation. The vast majority of pillow humpers are females. That's what I found out when I stumbled upon http://girlsexlife.com and realized the truth for once. Studies have revealed that the way in which a male humps a pillow is simply by clipping a hole into it, administering lube to the gap, and then placing hiscock within and humping the pillow. Although males are noted to masturbate using their fingers much more than girls, girls are believed to engage in humping of their pillow significantly more then guys.

The women that masturbate with their pillows explain to sex specialists that it is the most efficient and hottest way to reach climax. Statistics suggest that the majority of young ladies can not reach climax from sexual intercourse. An additional large percentage of females can not get to orgasm even when played with by a lover. This in turn results in lots of females to be the operators of their sexual experiences. Various other kinds of masturbation techniques that females have found include applying their fingers, round gadgets, or motorcycles, to make themselves wet and aroused. The act of getting your self off by techniques of masturbation is called Non-penetrative lovemaking. When the girls who prefer that's exactly what I thought when I saw that girl and she then asked me how to ride a guy like I would know the answer to it. Pillows over other methods of masturbation had been asked just why that is, they replied that using a pillow creates the best powerful, warm, moist, whole-body, vaginatrembling, and sexually rewarding orgasmic pleasure achievable. Some girls even claimed they couldn’t arrive at climax by other means of masturbation, for example their own fingers or toys.

So when do women begin experimenting with genital masturbation? While nearly all are known to get started at a very young age, approximately 13 years old, there exist exceptions of adult women beginning in their 30s, and Forties. Since girls aren't educated about self pleasure, they mostly figure it out independently, either by rubbing their clits to experience how it will feel, or by participating in action that stimulates them, such as riding horses. Usually a woman hump is also called masturbation is figured out in the mornings or evening hours while the woman is in bed. When women learn that the soft pillow they sleep on produces such overwhelming pleasures and sensations when put between their legs and rubbed. They typically never go back to other ways of self arousal. A girl's bedroom is her refuge, which is why girls feel so secure in performing sexual actions on themselves in their bedrooms. When a female uncovers the sexual enjoyment obtained from rubbing her vagina backwards and forwards on her pillow, the female will persist to do so out of curiosity of what can happen. And to gauge how elevated her arousal level can reach. As the force of the pleasure raises in a female, so does the dilemma in her brain. She struggles with whether to keep going pleasuring, or to cease at her bearable peak. The girls that push through the emotion and enable themselves to endure the action thoroughly, frequently report arriving at orgasm.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Better late than never!

Updates about what I'm doing now are at The Sixty Four Squares which is the feature film I'm making, Godwilling.

STOP THE PRESS I have just finished a 1st draft! Thank God!

(Have also scored employment teaching video production/editing here at NMSU Carlsbad!)

Drop on by anytime & say hi, see how it's progressing and even better,  stay tuned.

God Bless & Salams!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

3 Boys: Ramadan 2006, Cairo

(best viewed large: just click through!)

May the Peace, Grace & Blessings of God Be Upon thee

hidey-ho from a Fairfield, Virginia basement basking in the glow off the TV as The Ashes unfold, Australia fighting back after some untypical English steel yesterday... boy my wife's been tolerant she seems to understand this male thing... Alhamdullilah


Off to El Paso, Texas tommorow! Stopover & hike it up to Carlesbad the next day inshallah will check out our sun-drenched rental taken on sight unseen except for the photos...things will hopefully settle down after moving out of a suitcase for the first time in 5 months!

what a relief & God Almighty is the One who Grants ease & tranquility

make du'a if you feel the urge!


Was dumfounded by the Smithsonian Air & Space museum here.. it's what America does really well planes & rockets.. I became a 7 year old all over again, all those hands on air pressure physics experiments.. what an old familiar & joyous feeling...

A cracker photo I took on the night I went to meet my wife for the very first time!... starting to have time to review all the photos from Egypt

well until apache country & where the script will resume Godwilling

a contented salams to you!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hey Wishes of Peace to you!

almost forgot about this blog! hey that' s married life! Alhamdullilah! got a life again haha

and that's the thing that this blog was borne out of the Saudi experience of utter isolation now the situation has reversed!

She's, certainly got rights over me, God Bless her & is not too enthusiastic about the amount of time I'm spending to maintain email etc on the web, so updating is bound to be less frequent.. and she's right, so the nature of this whole thing will have to be reconsidered in light of my new responsiblities... bithnillah

Well I 've been here in Fairfax near Washington DC for over a week now Alhamdullilah...wow Amrika! wide about 20% in almost all dimensions I'd say.... broadband heaven, hidef media and disturbingly addictive

Enjoying it immensely however, so far, except for the dearth of Islam, brotherly contact & the distance to travel to a mosque, but this was all expected & meant to be... & Praise be to Hu Who Maketh it so

Also Enjoying the Ashes improbably here at this late hour, England getting 'put to the sword' such an appropriate expression to the situation... embarrasing really

don't worry video is coming from Abu Hasan Shadhili's(RA) tomb, after I have more time, energy & momentum on my hands Godwilling after 3rd December when in New Mexico

in the meantime some more photos...

to the DC museums & Smithsonian tommorrow inshallah!


& God Bless to any who chance upon this

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

the Tomb of Abu Hasan As-Shadhilli (RA), Abu Hasan, Egypt 140 km from Mirsa Alam, Red Sea
Originally uploaded by enthogenesis.

Alhamdullilah they opened the locked inner door to make du'a for him & take a few photos..there was an incredible hadra going on in the tomb by some Egyptian murids took footage.. there was beautiful musky perfumed smell inside the tomb & no incense visible, they swore to God that no perfume was added either! similar to the smell in the cave of Uhud where the Prophet(salalahu 'alyhi wa salam) rested .. some interesting video was taken, will post on blog... Godwilling!

info about the revered Sheikh can be found here
wiki entry here

Old Beggar: road to the Tomb of Abu Hasan As-Shadhilli(RA) from Mirsa 'Alam
Originally uploaded by enthogenesis.

Big Salams from Alexandria, I like this town! very cool temperature wise & very European...!

and if your wondering where I've been...well... oh how do I say... best just out with it

I'm married!! by the Grace of God (Exalted Be He!) Alhamdullilah!

In a curious series of baraka filled events it finally happened..! we're both still amazed

So net access in wild & varied places around Egypt has not been so simple & time to transmit & upkeep email in light of my new responsibilities in life.. well I'm sure you understand! ... still on a blissed out honeymoon.. returning to Cairo tommorrow inshallah

God's Beautiful Wisdom in this matter is finally coming to light..

Heading to New Mexico around the 15th to set up house & shop of all places! apache country I believe!.. well she's a doctor God Bless her! that's where her work is & so planning to finish the script there Godwilling as it's something I can happily do independant of place.. inshallah

very large new page turning once again...

that's qadr! & Praise be to God, All Wise Who Maketh it so...

please make du'a (prayer/supplication) for us!


the blurb accompanying this photo, taken recently

"He was living alone in that tent on his right, with a few goats, sitting under a tree in a lonely valley kilometers from anyone with a trembling old hand holding an empty water bottle... God Help him! we did what we could"

photos of the tomb coming..

Glowing Salams to thee...